The History Behind Fidlar's Brae

As long time home and business owners in the Stirling area, we, at Ryell Homes, wanted to build a community of houses derived from the reputation and originality that makes the town of Stirling an appealing choice to call home. As one of the first settlers in the Stirling area, Edward Fidlar developed the mills and brought wealth and prosperity to a new area, giving others the incentive to come and live among the lush fields of Stirling Rawdon. The town was eventually called Stirling due to the similarities to many settlers home town in Scotland, Stirlingshire.

According to Scottish history, wheat was a symbol of prosperity, faithfulness and hospitality; many traits which Stirling has had and continues to exhibit to this day. The sheaf of wheat symbolizes that "the harvest of one's hope has been secured". In following that hope, Ryell Homes has committed themselves to building a home which will secure all your dreams of being a home owner. We look forward to working with new members of the Stirling community and trust you will enjoy the experience as well.

Fidlars Brae Signage

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Fidlars Brae Signage